S.U.P.W is an integral part of our school curriculum.To develop the creative ability of the students, a deeper concern for the environment and to encourage community thinking the following activities were held

Best out of waste,
2.Preparation of healthy snacks,

3.Charts on social issues and on important occasions like on Republic day, Gandhi jayanti, Swach Bharat abhiyan etc,

4.Needle work,

5.Table mats,

6.First aid box,

7.Community service.

A two days camp was held in school where the students from Madhyamic Ashram school (Ashagad) were invited to our school and the students of class 8 belonging to the interact and S.U.P.W group were given opportunities to organize and conduct few events for them like Rangoli, drawing competition followed by different outdoor games. They enjoyed themselves through the Mumbai darshan and visited the Nehru Science planetarium which was a learning experience and our students thereby interacted with the less privileged and imbibed the virtue of giving and sharing.

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