Robotics Classes

The Robotics Program


The age of technology is contemporary but technology oriented knowledge is growing exponentially influencing every aspect of our world today, including education. Today’s kids are digital and tech savvy gadget gurus with a proficient tech vocabulary. Therefore, the need to introduce robotics to our tech savvy marians in the primary and secondary school was the perfect idea.

The Irobokid Robotics Program in the Secondary School includes the following Levels:
iProto – Level (An introduction to Robotics)
The iProto level course is designed to build and support basic knowledge of robotics, programming and to provide opportunities to teach or reinforce key classroom concepts in science, math, technology and engineering (STEM)
Students learn basic robot building instructions, programming robot movement, working with sensors and more complex robot behaviours. Research projects cover key STEM concepts through step by step instructions and challenging questions to reinforce key educational outcomes. Towards the end of the course the students are introduced to a team challenge in which the students have to design and build their own robots that fulfills the parameters of the challenge given while competing with other teams.
iCode – Level (An introduction to Computer Programming)
The iCode level course includes a new computing program using SCRATCH, a design based learning approach. SCRATCH is a graphical programming language developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab and is used worldwide by teachers to teach the basics of computer programming. SCRATCH takes advantage of advances in computing power and interface design to make computer programming more engaging and accessible for children, who are learning programming. Its cartoon style approach with emphasis on rich media types – sound, graphics and animation have made it popular in the classroom as an engaging and entertaining way to introduce young learners to computing science eliminating traditional text based languages that required recall and instructions according to a strict syntax.

As the students create SCRATCH projects, they learn important mathematical and computational ideas, while also learning to think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively.

The Robotics Program in the Secondary School admitted students from class 5 to class 8 into the iProto and iCode levels. The robotics classes were held after school hours for a minimum duration of 60 minutes and a maximum duration of 90 minutes every working thursday from July 2016 till its conclusion in March 2017.

Our school hosts robotics classes for students on each Monday for students of class 4 to 9.

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