Ms. Clementine Monteiro (Vice Principal)

As a child I enjoyed helping my siblings and slowly I started helping children older and younger than I in their academics. Although I lost touch with teaching when I joined a degree college I was drawn to do my training. I was blessed with St. Xavier’s Institute of Education, Churchgate where I was groomed.

It’s the training there that helped me to know the difference between Profession and Vocation. I have spent the best memorable  25 years of my Life in St Mary’s. It has been an enriching experience and have learnt so much from friends and students. I owe my gratitude to ex- TEACHERS who have been my mentors.

Mr. Elias Coelho
(Academic Coordinator)

Mr. Elias Coelho

Academic Coordinator

Be Attentive

Conscious learning begins by choosing to pay attention to our experience.

Be Reflective

Reflection is the way we discover and compose the meaning of our experience.

Be Loving

How are we going to act in this world?

For me education is to produce men, for whom discernment is a habit, where education continues to adapt old ideals to new times and new needs.

Dr. Jitendra Pandey (Teacher)

Teaching is my passion and writing is my hobby. I have 18 years of teaching experience and was invited as a resource person to take workshops for ICSE teachers in Mumbai and Bangalore. I have also received many prestigious awards in the field of education and Literature. I have written many educational and literary books. One of the popular travelogues named “Dekha Jab Swapna Savere” was awarded with ‘Kaka Kalelkar puraskar’ by the  Maharashtra Govt. My Hindi Language Book “Vyakaran Vriksha” is taught in different parts of India in ICSE schools. I am also a member of Wikipedia and the State Board Syllabus Committee . I enjoy teaching. It is a source of my energy and enthusiasm. The sparkle in the eyes of  my students and their  smiling faces satisfy me.  I believe in creating an interest among children in their academics  and inspire them to overcome all challenges. We should shine like the sun with the light of knowledge. Therefore विद्या धनं सर्व धनं प्रधानम् i.e. Knowledge is the supreme wealth among all types of wealth.

Mr. Ryan Rodrigues

I, Mr. Ryan Rodrigues, have been teaching English in St. Mary’s School, ICSE, for the past twenty years. I always wanted to be an educator right from my childhood. It is ‘My Dream Come True’. I enjoy my teaching to the fullest.  During my school-days, I was always seen practicing English grammar and solving Math problems on a black-board. And by the by spent most of my pocket-money on chalk……hehehe!

 My Motto

As a teacher, I know I possess tremendous power to make a child’s life joyous or miserable. I know I can be a tool of inspiration or torture. I can make humor or humiliate, heal or hurt. In all these cases, it is my response that decides whether a situation will be escalated or de-escalated or a child humanized or de-humanized. But I know I teach in a remarkable time. Each day I walk into school, whether it be the classroom, office or the Knowledge center, I remember that I help to shape the future and what I do can change the world.

What inspires me to be a good teacher?   

  1. The flair for the language.
  2. I teach because there is an excitement and joy and suspense in the journey.

Mr. Balmukund Tiwari

I, Mr. Balmukund Tiwari, have been the Sports Director at  St. Mary’s I.C.S.E, for over a decade and have always strived to help children develop physical abilities and healthy habits that can last for the rest of their lives.

As a part of this reputed institution and an educator, I believe that all children can learn when taught well and given an opportunity. My motto is following my key principles that is, “What you pay attention to grows”.

My vision for the institution, is to create leadership skills, foster qualities of cooperation, tolerance, consideration, dedication, self-esteem, trust and responsibility and develop an attitude of never settling for the least in all my students.

With this vision in mind our institution will be able to achieve success in any field that our students represent.

Mr. S.Ravindranath (Teacher)


Mr. Austine Vas (Academic Coordinator)

Mr. Austine Vas is a highly-motivated and experienced teacher who has been teaching Geography in senior school for the past 22 years. He believes that a good teacher is a constant learner with an unquenchable thirst to learn more and to impart the same to his students. His professional qualifications includes B.Com., B.A. (Geography), B.Ed., M.A. in History, M.A. in Geography and a Diploma in Computer Science.

Apart from his academic qualifications, he has also written two text books in Geography for Classes 9 and 10 respectively, which are known for their unique pictorial representation of concepts related to the subject.

Ms. Arjumand Ghogari (Teacher)

I joined St. Mary’s  (I.C.S.E.) School in June 1998. My educational qualifications are M.Sc. , B.Ed. along with a Diploma in Medical Lab Technology and a year of Interior Designing. What inspires me is my passion for teaching. It gives me immense satisfaction as I am compassionate towards my students and dedicated in my work.

I establish a learning atmosphere through class discussions so that the student is able to gain knowledge, reason out and have a clear understanding of the concepts. I maintain a friendly rapport with my students.  My motto is to inspire my students to develop a love for learning and build their confidence to achieve their goals.

An important value that I try to instil in them is ‘Being Humane, by having respect and concern for others’.

Ms. Cheryl Colaco

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

From early college days, I knew what my vocation was. After graduating from St Xavier’s College, and a year of training at St Xavier’s Institute of Education, I was selected to teach in one of the best schools in Mumbai – St. Mary’s School (ICSE) in the year 1994.

As a teacher, it is my duty to impart knowledge, moral values and effective communication skills. I am passionate about my teaching and have the ability to reach out to students and create a relationship of mutual trust.  I am well-organized and committed to St. Mary’s School.

My source of inspiration is my love for teaching and children. The enthusiasm and happiness on the face of my students after a class is my reward. The encouragement I receive from the management, my colleagues and my students motivates me to do better every day.

Ms. Sharon Tivade

A good teacher is somebody who learns more every day. She is calm, passionate and engaging. She listens to her students, encourages them, helps them and challenges them to think. My vision is to teach in a way that students learn maximum in school so that they don’t need a tuition teacher or help at home.

What inspires me to teach is a student’s curiosity and creativity. I love listening to their ideas and seeing the way their minds work.

Ms. Swapna Pradhan

I have worked as a Science teacher in St Mary’s School (ICSE) for the last 14 years. My educational qualification is M.Sc. (Ruparel College) and B.Ed. (St Teresa’s Institute, Santa Cruz) in Mumbai.

I had applied in Jaihind College and got an offer to teach there but I preferred to teach in a school because I like children, I like their innocence and pure heart  unlike adults. A teacher’s job has become challenging with constant changes in curriculum and  technologies  and I am ready to meet those challenges and will try to adapt to new ways of teaching and make teaching a learning process more effective. I want to draw the best out of a child. Recently a student from Class 6-3 said, “miss you are my favourite teacher I will never let you down. I will do well in the tests” That was really heart warming. If I can make even that bit of a difference in a child I really feel very satisfied. I also want to inculcate good values in children and want them to be good human beings first  as they are the future citizens of our country.

It has been a truly enriching experience being a teacher in this esteemed institution; It has moulded me too in various aspects in being a better teacher.

Ms. Zeenat Surka (Teacher)

I am in the teaching profession since 2005 and started my career in St Mary’s High School (ICSE). Teaching and reading are my passion, I endeavour to instil the addiction of reading in my students also as reading improves and enhances the knowledge in an individual. As a teacher, I also do my best to ensure that my students develop the right moral values and conduct themselves well which will make them successful and good individuals.

Ms. Sakina Japanwala (Teacher)

I believe a good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instil a love of learning. I have been a part of the St Mary’s (ICSE) family since 2006 and have always followed this belief.

My Motto in life is:

“Never be afraid to have your own ideas and you don’t always need to like what everyone else likes. Be original and special. Make people notice you in a good way.” “Be true to yourself.”

I teach because I believe that it is my calling to help students in school become excited about learning, engaged in the learning process and to excel in all that they do. I also want to instil a love of learning in students, so that they will always have a desire to grow and develop.

I am motivated to be the best teacher I can be because every day I try to focus on helping to make each student a little better than he was the previous year.  I want their time spent at school to be time spent growing into a better person or citizen. I want to be a positive influence in my students’ lives by opening their minds to new ideas, and constructing knowledge that will be beneficial to them as Education is the stepping- stone to their future.

Ms. Sneha Fernandes

Academic Qualifications: 

  1. B.A in English and History
  2. B.ed
  3. MA (currently pursuing)

Teaching experience: 1 year 

Subjects taught: English and History

Why teaching?: I have chosen this profession as I have always wanted to give back to society whatever I received in the smallest way possible. Teaching is the only field that has helped me be myself and showcase my talents be it singing, art and craft or just learning daily from the students and their experiences. 

Ms. Sangita Upadhyay

I, Sangita Upaadhyay, have been teaching in St. Mary’s for the past eight years. I am a highly motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated educator, who wants very child to be a successful learner.

My motto is to create a classroom atmosphere that encourages and stimulates learners.

My vision for the school is to ensure that every child’s learning style and abilities are addressed.

Mr. Sabin Castelino

I have tried my hand at various professions and none were as fulfilling as being a school teacher, and especially that of Maths.

Teaching is not a job for me. It’s a full- time passion and also something that drives me forward, wanting to do better for myself and my students. I am never satisfied until my students understand the depth of the topic that I am teaching them, even if it means teaching them a hundred times.

I believe that mathematics is more than numbers  and so I make sure I incorporate stories, fables and folklore into my lessons to make them interesting and approachable.

I became a teacher to help students love maths and I hope I am able to do  it till I have reached my last breath.

Ms. Merlyn Condillac (Special Educator)

Ms.  Merlyn Condillac has completed her M. Ed in Special Education from SNDT University,Juhu. She is a licensed Special Educator from the Rehabilitation Council of India and has been working for over a decade with students having Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Intellectual Disabilities, Developmental Delays and Muscular Dystrophy.  She guides the parents and the child helping them to jointly create strategies that develop the child’s academic, behavioural, personal, social,  and emotional well-being. She works with individualised curriculum and differentiated learning modules that empowers the child with techniques to enable them to function at their full potential. 

 Her Mission statement is: ”Channelise the inherent goodness, the oasis of creativity, and the innate confidence of the child and they will achieve their dreams and desires.”

Mr. Sudhir.A.Singh

S Radhakrishnan once said, ‘True teachers are those who help us think for ourselves.’ I am a firm believer of this philosophy. India has the largest student population in the whole world and hence the future of this country rests on the future of our students.

As a teacher, I would like to impart knowledge and encourage my students to pursue excellence. Each student is different and I like to tailor my teaching to suit the individual student so as to help achieve his maximum potential.

Mr. Rushaad Dupetawalla

I honestly believe that unless you  love your work, you cannot do justice to that profession.Moreover, teaching being a vocation I feel a lot is at stake because we are dealing with young minds and the future of the country.Having said that, I made sure I decided to teach “PHYSICS  and  MATHEMATICS”, the two subjects that have  captivated my imagination since my school days.It would be a fitting tribute to my school days Physics and Mathematics teacher the  “LATE KHILJI SIR”HIS Knowledge content and communication skills were  excellent  which have  a significant bearing on my style of teaching.


Keep Learning and stay abreast of the latest technology.

Keep doing research in my subjects, which will not only benefit my students but also society at large.

I sincerely wish to see my school, ST.MARYS (I.C.S.E), become the best ICSE School in INDIA and one day teach the I.S.C Syllabus in our school.

Ms. Nandini Basu

I love children and I am passionate about English Literature. The teaching profession helps me to amalgamate both. As a teacher, my aim has been to help my students  unravel the beauty of writing and introduce them to the subtleties of the English Language and Literature. I encourage them to explore realms of learning beyond the text book.

My motto has been to help students get a value system based on free thought and tolerance. I also try to inculcate in them the importance of self-pride and respect of self to be the keys to success and happiness in life. This will enable them to be responsible citizens of India and the world.

Ms. Nicola Pereira (Teacher)

After completing my B.A in History from St.Xavier’s College, Mumbai in 2016, I was very confused as to what profession l should choose. I always believed that in order for society to progress,  a change in mindset of the people is what was needed. While thinking about the medium through which I could bring about change, the only field I could come to was through Education and therefore I enrolled for the B.ed degree at St. Xavier’s Institute Of Education in 2016 and successfully completed it in 2018.

I believe that teachers of today have a great responsibility in training our youth to be responsible humans first above everything else. I am blessed to get my first job at St. Mary’s I.C.S.E, Mazagaon. At present, I teach English in classes 5 and 6 as well as   Social studies in Class 7. I am also currently pursuing my M.A in History from the University of Mumbai. 

Mrs. Rohini Agera (School Counsellor)

“In my world there are No Bad Kids, just impressionable, conflicted young people wrestling with emotions and impulses, trying to communicate their feelings and needs the only way they know how.” – Janet Lansbury

Mrs. Rohini Agera has a Master’s in Psychology from Madras University. Her specialization is Counselling Psychology. She has been working in the field of Mental Health since 2005 and she pursued the role of a School Counsellor in 2007. She provides to both the parents and the students personal, behavioural, social, and emotional support. She feels that a student’s personality is a tool which can be carried with him for the rest of his life. She believes in not only developing a person’s wisdom but also their emotions.
She has been recognized for her contribution to Career Education and Advanced Life Skills Development of young people in school by the Indian Career & Education Development Council.

Mr. Stevence Pereira (Teacher)

I, Mr. Stevence Periera have been working at St. Mary’s School ICSE for the past 6 years. Sports is something I am extremely passionate about and I have always wanted to share this passion with the next generation and create sportspersons for our country.

I have always loved to learn the rules and conditions of all sports and have encouraged my pupils to do the same.

I believe that, as a sports and physical education teacher I can make the world a better place.

Ms. Joan Dias

‘Teaching is an art which comes from the Heart.’

‘We are not just teachers; we are managers of the world’s great resource children.’

As a teacher I seek to inspire my students to strive for the best.  I aim at getting them to be confident and morally sensitized individuals as they enter society. I help them to be path creators, to stand by what they believe what is true.

Teaching for me has always been an eventful experience. Each day has something new in store. Never has it been a boring mundane routine. This field has got me to interact with a lot of different people and share and exchange knowledge with each other.  Teaching is a vocation and not just a mere profession.  I am glad to be part of this teaching fraternity touching lives and making a difference.

Ms. Mona Soningra
( Teacher)

As a teacher I strongly value the diversity of learning styles and the unique perspectives, both individual and cultural – that my students may bring to the classroom. As a result, I strive to provide an environment where students feel comfortable in expressing their needs and opinions and believe that the entire class benefits and learns from that process.

To accomplish this, I enjoy applying a wide variety of strategies based on essential educational principles as well on hands-on experience encompassing cognitive functioning, learning theory, diversity issues, instructional planning and assessment.

Ms. Priscilla Pereira

“Children don’t remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are.” ― Jim Henson.

Being a Social Studies and English teacher of St. Mary’s School (ICSE), is not merely my job, it is my identity. My subjects especially History have always captured my fascination from a very young age. I always seek to reproduce the same passion while teaching. One thing that inspires and energizes me in St. Mary’s School, is the wonderful students I teach each day. Our boys are energetic, enthusiastic and more than ever, loving children. This is what keeps me going each day and makes me thrive to give my best while teaching our boys.

Mr. Sundeep Gaikwad (Teacher)

I, Mr. Sundeep Gaikwad, have been working in St. Mary’s School, I.C.S.E. for the past four years. Sports has always been my passion since childhood. As a student, I have been in the football team.

At the college level, I took active part in volleyball, represented the college volleyball team in tournaments and was the captain of the same on three occasions.

My motto is to give every student a chance on the sports field by making him discover his strength in every sport.

I believe that any sporting activity cultivates growth in the human body and keeps it fit. Even today, I too participate in sports and athletics to keep myself fit. Fitness of the body has inspired me to be a Sports Master.

Mr. Prakash Pitroda (Teacher)

“If you want to work, there are hundred ways; if you don’t want to work there are thousands of excuses”

I love to teach because I am a passionate learner. I believe that learning is a never ending- process. I believe that all students should have high quality leaders and teachers and a holistic curriculum to promote and engage critical thinking and learning skills for success in their life. In a progressive society that is committed to academic excellence for all students, my goals are to meet the needs of students and to assist in the growth of each member of this esteemed institution.

Mr. Alan Menezes (Teacher)

Teaching is not a profession but a vocation. This is a simple profound statement that exhibits my love for teaching. Standing in front of the classroom and teaching is an innate comfortable feeling that I have inherited in the form of teaching genes. These genes were best expressed every time I stood with some chalk and a blackboard playing teacher with my younger neighbourhood friends or presenting my projects as a student in class. My path towards teaching was also greatly influenced by some exceptional and inspirational teachers from my school and college years who were truly sincere and genuine human beings whose lessons I can still recall today.

Teaching is filled with many rewarding yet challenging moments. Smart, technology savvy, enthusiastic, well-informed kids having bright ideas and thoughts is truly a joy but the decline in social ethics and values is my biggest concern. So, if values are caught and not taught, being a genuine, dedicated and sincere teacher is what I believe I need to be. Going beyond classroom learning and providing opportunities for each of my uniquely blessed kids to discover and refine their talents, develop and strengthen life skills is unfortunately not always possible. So, providing guidance and mentoring to students when needed is my principal focus. I am sure that I am certainly not the best award-winning teacher for my kids but every day I certainly try to be a better teacher.

Ms. Upma Bains (Teacher)

I, Ms. Upma Bains, have an experience of seven years in the Teaching Field. I’m an M Phil and B Ed in Physics and have been teaching Physics to students of Secondary and Higher Secondary classes. I have also imparted coaching to PMT/NEET aspirants. I have taught in educational institutions in Chandigarh, Lucknow, Delhi and for the last four years, I had been associated with a renowned school in South Mumbai. I have always been passionate about teaching and have been engaged in this field at various levels. I always wanted to join this Nobel profession because of its contribution to  society and nation building. It gives me immense satisfaction when I see my students grow as a responsible citizen of the country. I am dedicated and committed towards my profession and would like to leave a mark for others to follow.

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