Ms. Sandra Fernandes (Preprimary-Supervisor)

I am a creative person and enjoy a blend of both, the new and the old method of pedagogy. I take pride in maintaining a high standard of teaching and learning and I am innovative in keeping pace with the future developments in education.

My strong desire to help young people with their academic, personal, and social needs coupled with friendly yet professional approach helps is my endeavour.

I am very keen to make a real difference in the lives of children, committed to safeguarding their welfare.

My motto as a teacher would be ‘To teach is to touch lives forever’.

Ms. Lubaina Jariwala

My Teaching Philosophy

“I touch the future, I teach.”

I believe students are our future. Each and every student has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world. Teaching is an important and honourable profession that demands commitment. There is learning, healing, laughter, sharing and love every day in the classroom. A teacher has the opportunity to impact on students’ lives in a positive way; this is a huge privilege that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

As a teacher, I aim to create an atmosphere that encourages curiosity and sheer determination. My classroom is a place where students feel important, respected, cared for and believed in. I am a teacher who makes it possible for her students to reach their full potential, ask questions, learn from their mistakes, give and receive feedback, create and try their best.

Ms. Elita Dias

It takes a big heart to help shape little minds.

Ms Elita Dias teaches in the Kindergarten section. She believes that teaching is a vocation and she is called to teach the little ones. She feels that she is blessed to be the one laying the foundation for their bright future. The happiness and joy that she receives by imparting knowledge keeps her energetic and inspires her to do more. The sense of satisfaction is immense. St Mary’s has motivated her to be a true teacher.

Ms. Paulina D’Souza

“I want you to never give up on your ambition, though the quest for success may seem like an endless struggle”, this is the teaching that my parents gave me to help me build up my future.

I believe in touching​ the mind and heart of every child because I know I’m not just their teacher but their HERO and will help them find their confidence, their courage and smile if lost.

Apart from having my B.Com. degree, I have done my Diploma in ECCED(Early Childhood Care and Education).I was engaged in Admin Executive for the past six years.

I am currently working with the Pre primary section at St. Mary’s School,  ICSE since 2016.

“Begin with a prayer and a smile each day” is one of the most beautiful feelings which is maintained in my classroom with each child, as we all smile in the same language.

Ms. Aheeda Machiwala
(Asst. to Teacher)

Teaching is a profession that teaches all professions. My motto in life is that a teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart.

I have been working in the Pre-primary section, since the year 2016. It has been a rewarding experience. My ideas, knowledge, energy, creativity, dedication and passion to teach as well  as learn motivated me to commence my career as an assistant teacher at St. Mary’s School, ICSE.

The enthusiasm within the Marian boys and their passion to acquire knowledge and excel in all walks of life has inspired me to utilise my skills to the fullest.

Ms. Sunita Andrade
(Asst. to Teacher)

‘A Teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart and life forever.’

Mrs. Sunita Andrade teaches the Kindergarten section. The formative years of a child are the most important years in a child’s life and she feels blessed to be a part of this rock- solid foundation.  She believes in allowing them to be their little self and filling their hearts with laughter helping them to grow wings and nuturing their sense of wonder; inspiring them to believe in themselves and knowing the world around them.  Above all loving and moulding them to be good human beings.

Ms. Sunita Andrade is proud and happy to be a  teacher at St. Mary’s.

Ms. Rehmina Jaffar (Teacher)

My name is Rehmina Jaffar. I joined the Preparatory section of  this esteemed institution in the year 2005. I call my students, ” my kids ” because in our year ,together they are not children on my class list, they become a part of my heart. Teaching is my passion and I firmly believe that to teach is to touch lives forever. Where young minds grow, tender hearts open and an inspired life begins.I teach because I want to be the person I needed when I was younger . And I sincerely feel that a teacher is born with the ability to change someone’s life, and must never waste that opportunity.

Ms. Nisha Mendes

To teach, is to touch a life forever……. These words encapsulate perfectly what drives “Ms Mendes “, as a legion of young pre schoolers call her.

Passionate about being a friend and guide to ” my boys”, as she calls them, Nisha Mendes is enthused and energised by the exuberance of young children, their unending curiosity about the world around and the love and warmth they reciprocate.     She firmly believes that the grooming of young minds and hearts into leaders of tomorrow, must begin during the formative years and there is no better system than the Jesuit Holistic educational approach.

Ms. Neysa D’Souza

Ms. Neysa D’Souza teaching the Kindergarten section at St Mary’s School,  I.C.S.E.  has had an early interest to teach children and impart knowledge through thinking and comprehending. She likes to enable the children whom she teaches to not only gain knowledge but also to discern right from wrong so that they may grow up to be better people and citizens of the country.

Having graduated in the Commerce stream she later post- graduated in Arts and her love for teaching came to the fore once again and she trained at St Margaret’s Teacher Training College in Early Childhood Care and Education.

St.Mary’s has inspired her to be a better teacher.

Ms. Carol Vaz
(Asst. to Teacher)

My name is Carol Vaz. I am an Assistant teacher in the Preparatory Section of St. Mary’s School, ICSE. My hobbies are singing, dancing and listening to music. I started my career as an assistant teacher in a private school where I learnt many new things, had great experiences which motivated and inspired me to take a step in my teaching career and get better.

My motto of being a teacher is that it is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. It means that a teacher should possess good and valuable knowledge in whatever she teaches and should be creative in her expression or the way she potrays herself in front of the class  where the student feels the need to learn new things and with great joy, because children are like wet cement, whatever falls on them makes an impression.

The fact that a student learns a lot from school and from his/her teachers and the little things that we do bring smiles on their faces, inspires me to be a good teacher, specially the little ones who are the foundation of our school. They are the roots who grow to be plants  and then trees and give us fruits which brings happiness and smiles on our faces. This makes a teacher feel proud and get better each day.

Ms. Anita Tauro
( Asst. to Teacher)

I enjoy working with children and encourage creative expression. My Motto is that all children should be successful learners. Sharing is caring, and teaching helps in sharing knowledge with the students. This creates learning opportunities for both student, and teacher.

Working with pre schoolers is challenging and fun too. Patience is my forte and my focus is on character and not just academics I accept that life is full of challenges and I strive to keep an open mind. 

Ms. Vera Monteiro
(Asst. to Teacher)

My Motto of being a Teacher- To inspire, guide, enlighten and motivate my students, touching their lives forever by making a difference to them, by working tirelessly with dedication and professionalism.

My Inspiration to being a Good Teacher- “I love being a Teacher. I believe that teaching is more than imparting knowledge – it is inspiring change.” This inspiration comes from the children that I teach, who give me values like strength, self-belief, motivation, respect, creativity, patience and humility and most importantly to know that just like them, I am always a student, as we never stop learning.

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