Student Exchange Programme

Nepal Student Exchange Programme

The student exchange program in our school was initiated in the year 2018. With an aim to make the students experience the lifestyle,culture and the education system of two different countries and also make them independent. One such program is the Nepal student exchange program.

Day 1:

All of us reached the school with our bags and were ready to roll. We were taken to the airport in the school bus to avoid any delays, and from there we waved off to our parents and boarded the flight soon.

Day 2:

After an exhausting journey we reached the ashram(residence) of St. Xavier’s Godavari and were ready to visit the school. We attended the assembly in which they honored us with a shawl. This was truly a moment of pride for all of us. We then played some games and enjoyed the activities with students of Nepal. Next the principal of St. Xavier’s School Godavari instructed us to choose partners from the students of Nepal and showcase our talents. That was a really amazing idea as it made us interact more. Thereafter we played a friendly football match, the most played sport of our school with students of Nepal. With that we are done for the day and went back to relax in the ashram.

Day 3:

We visited the Botanical garden, the Swyambhu stupa, several historical museums and a Buddhist monastery.

Day 4:

We visited the Buddha stupa, the Pashupatinath Temple, the Bhaktapur Durbar square and went for local shopping.

Day 5:

We visited the Chandragiri Station by cable car which was approximately 8000 feet above sea level. The beauty of this place was really extravagant. From there we visited the Patan Durbar square and went for shopping.

Day 6:

We visited the Naraynbiti Palace museum, walked through Thamel street

which had the local specialty of singing bowls. After which we visited the Kathmandu Durbar square.

Day 7:

We went for a short hike to Marble Quarry and then visited St. Xavier’s school for the closing ceremony where we exchanged some gifts with our new friends.

This trip was really fruitful for all of us. From visiting the beautiful sights to making new friends in the school everything was totally extraordinary! It was a new experience for both the student of Nepal and for us. This couldn’t have been done without the support of our parents and the nurturing of our teachers Sir Ravi and Sir Stevence. They were the ones who took extremely good care of us and made this a memorable trip! Thank you Dr. Fr. Francis Swamy for giving this opportunity of a lifetime. This student exchange was not just a week in our life but it was a life in a week. Being a part of this program made me feel extremely fortunate as well as proud.

Pranay Katariya

Class 7-1

St. Mary’s School (ICSE) had organized its Annual Student Exchange Program with St. Xavier’s School, Godavari – Nepal from 30th October 2019 to 7th November 2019. It was an excellent platform for the students of both the schools to meet and exchange their ideas, knowledge, culture, traditions and general awareness. As a part of this program , 20 boys of Grade 7 to Grade 9 from our school , accompanied by two teachers , Mr.Ravindranath Mr.Stevence Pereira visited St. Xavier’s School ,Godavari. The teachers and the boys landed Kathmandu on the morning hours of

31st October 2019 .They were put up at the Jesuit Retreat Centre (Known as Ashram in Nepal) , which was located in the St. Xavier’s School Campus.

After refreshing and unloading the respective luggage the boys and teachers headed towards St.Xavier’s School, where they had an over whelming welcome . The boys along with their teachers attended the School Reception and an Introduction was given to our boys by the Principal of St.Xavier’s School. An inaugural address was done by the Marians too, followed by the Flag hoisting, National Anthem and School Anthem by both schools. In the evening the boys played a friendly inter-school football match.

On the 2nd day (1st November 2019), the boys attended the morning assembly, where in a confident speech was put up by our boys. The boys and teachers were felicitated by the Principal of St.Xavier’s School , Godavari. The Certificates of the Xavier’s boys who participated in Immaculata 2019 was handed over to them by Ravi Sir. The afternoon session, the boys had a face to face interactive session with the Xavierite’s. The boys discussed about the culture, traditions and planned and enacted an impromptu short play. The play was applauded by one and all and a moral message was passed on. The evening session consisted of an Inter-school football match.

On Day 3 (2nd November 2019), the boys visited Swyambhu Stupa, Historical Museum, Buddhist Monastery. The boys also got to enjoy the Local Indian Dhabba delicacies for lunch. In the evening they came back to their ashram and bonded with their friends.

On Day 4 (3rd November 2019) , the boys went to Baudhha Stupa , Pashupatinath Temple and visited the Bhaktapur Durbar Square .The boys were excited seeing the 55 window palace in Bhaktapur . In the evening they came back to their ashram and recollected the day with their friends.

On Day 5 (4th November 2019) , the boys headed to Chandragiri Station by Cable Car . They enjoyed the panoramic view of Nepal’s natural beauty. They were taken to St.Xavier’s School , Jwalakhel (a branch of St.Xavier’s Godavari). The boys had lunch in the school and played a Basketball match with the Xavierite’s. The boys then visited Patan Durbar Square on the way back to the ashram.

Day 6 (5th November 2019), our students visited Narayanhiti palace museum and had a walk through Thamel Street. On the way back to the ashram, they visited Kathmandu Durbar Square and walked around the New Road.

On Day 7 (6th November 2019) , the boys had a morning session where they had a short hike to Marble Quarry . Post lunch they attended the

Closing ceremony at St. Xavier’s, Godavari and spent their day in the School and later Ashram. On completion of a successful Student Exchange Program , a Certificate duly signed by the Principals of both the schools were handed over to the boys. Later in the evening the boys handed over a token of gratitude to the caretaker, who cooked delicacies for the boys all these days.

On the final day (7th November 2019), the boys woke around 4 a.m. Nepal time to catch their flight back home. The boys enjoyed and learned from their experience and returned back with loads of memories. It was an educative experience for each one. The Marians eagerly look forward to hosting the Xavierite’s soon.


CLASS 7- 1

France Student Exchange Programme


St. Mary’s School (I.C.S.E) had organized a Student Exchange Program with the Lycee Jean Paul II ,School in Brittany, France between April and November, 2019. It was enriching for both schools.
As part of the program, 12 students of grades 9 and 10 from St. Mary’s School (ICSE), accompanied by a teacher, visited Brittany from 29th April to 7th May, 2019.Each of the boys was hosted by the French families of students of Lycee Jean Paul II, school, during their stay. The students of St. Mary’s were not only able to enjoy the hospitality of the French families but also able to get an insight into French culture and cuisine. The families took the children out on weekends to various beautiful sights in Brittany. The students also attended Lycee Jean Paul II school, for a few days and engaged in interesting activities with the French students. On their way back to India, the students visited the beautiful city of Paris.
In order to reciprocate their visit, 13 French students from Lycee Jean Paul II School accompanied by 2 teachers, visited Mumbai from 26th October to 6th November, 2019.They were hosted by the families of the students who had visited France earlier in the year. The French students took part in the Diwali celebrations with the host families. They burst crackers and tasted traditional home-made sweets and savories. The French students along with the boys of St. Mary’s, who were a part of the Student Exchange program visited Agra from 29th October to 31st October, 2019.After coming back to Mumbai, the French students spent time with the host families to imbibe Indian culture and traditions. The French and Indian students were taken to visit the Headquarters of the Mumbai Police at Colaba where they were addressed by the Director –General of Police. They were also served sumptuous snacks. The French students attended a few classes in St. Mary’s School and took part in a cultural program which highlighted the history of the two great Republics of France and India. The French students and the Indian students jointly put up a dance in the school auditorium. The program ended with the playing of the French and the Indian National Anthems. In the evening a get together was organized hosted in St. Mary’s School which was attended by the French students and teachers and the Indian students and their families, the Principal of St. Mary’s School, Fr. Dr. Francis Swamy and management of St. Mary’s School. The Consul General of France, Ms. Sonia Barbry was invited as Chief Guest for the Dinner. In her address, she spoke about the need of communication in the modern world and highlighted that such Student Exchange Programs will go a long way in breaking barriers and bringing the world closer.

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