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The St. Mary’s School I.C.S.E was founded in 1864 by members of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), a Roman Catholic religious order founded by Ignatius of Loyola in 1540, adjacent to St. Anne’s Church, which was established 4 years before. The school began as a Catholic school of education and a military orphanage. Later, her gates were opened to the Catholic populace in general which meant the school had to expand. This lead to the construction of the building that now houses the senior school whose foundation stone was laid down by Lord Linlithgow, the former Viceroy of India from 1936 to 1943.

On 7 December 2013, India Post a stamp to commemorate the school’s 150th anniversary.

It used to confer the degree/diploma of a Cambridge University O level of education, and now confers the ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) diploma. The school has four Gothic-style buildings and is divided into Senior School (Grades 5 and above) and Junior School (Grades 4 and below).

It is rated as one of the top schools of the country. Students are encouraged in the arts and many amongst the school’s alumni have flourished in theatre, music and Bollywood.



jesuits-logoJesuit education is a call to human excellence, to the fullest possible development of all human qualities. It is a call to critical thinking and disciplined studies, a call to develop the whole person, head and heart, intellect and feelings.

It systematically incorporates methods from a variety of sources which better contribute to the intellectual, social, moral and religious formation of the whole person.

It presents academic subjects out of a human “centeredness”, with stress on uncovering and exploring the patterns, relationships, facts, questions, insights, conclusions, problems, solutions, and implications which a particular discipline brings to light about what it means to be a human being.

Jesuit education strives to give learners an ongoing development of their imagination, feelings, conscience and intellect, and to encourage and help them recognize new experiences as opportunities to further growth. Learners see service to others as more self-fulfilling than personal success or prosperity.

Jesuit education moves the learning experience beyond rote knowledge to the development of the more complex learning skills of understanding, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

Jesuit Schools in Greater Mumbai:

Campion High School (ICSE – Colaba)
St. Xavier’s High School (Fort)
St. Xavier’s Boys’ Academy (New Marine Lines)
St. Mary’s High School (SSC, Mazagaon)
St. Mary’s School (ICSE, Mazagaon)
St. Stanislaus High School (Bandra)
Holy Family High School (Andheri)
St. Xavier’s High School (Vasai)


St Mary's ICSEThe School Badge has an azure and white background. Blue is a colour that expresses peace, harmonyand serenity. The education imparted in St Mary’s aims atmaking the life of the student in perfect harmony with allexperience. lt is an inner peace that springs from a well-ordered life, a life in peace and harmony with the DivineWill. The Blessed Virgin Mary, under whose patronage the school is placed, possessed this inner peace and harmony in her life because her life was a beautiful harmony with God’s Divine Plan for her and hence the Badge with hermonogram in gold against a white background symbolizes Mary’s perfect commitment and total consecration to God.

The Golden Crown signifies a victorious life, the aftermath ofa life of intense pain and suffering but one that blossomedinto the glorious victory of Her Risen Son, Jesus.
The monogram of the Society of Jesus, at the left, is areminder that St Mary’s is a school run by the Fathers ofthe Society of Jesus who believe in a deeply personalized education, in building up her youth to be ‘Men for Others’,who will leave no stone unturned to reach out to the poorand needy.

The Three Small Ships localize St Mary’s as a school in Mumbai City, a metropolis with an excellent harbour,the ‘Gateway’ to modern lndia. They also stand for themoral, intellectual and physical development given in StMary’s, in and through the challenges a modern, hecticcity like Mumbai offers to all.

Subscribed, is the school motto, ‘lmmaculata”, which today may be translated as, perfect Commitment or “Total Loyalty” and sums up all the ideals St Mary’s wishes to see realized in a pupil’s personality when he, at the closeof his education, enters into the mainstream of life.

2015–current: Rev. Fr. Dr. Francis Swamy S.J
2011–2015: Rev. Fr. Kenneth Misquitta
2009–11: Alice Carvalho (1st lady Principal)
1995-2009: Rev. Fr. Evarist Newnes S.J.
1995: Rev. Fr. Joe Diabrio
1991–95: Rev. Fr. Joe Saldanha S.J. (late)


From o’er the waves and far away, From hills and plains with voices gay, They sing the school they love so well, Within whose walls they long to dwell, And live the days of yore again,
They long alas, but long in vain.


Come boys let’s sing the school we love,
Our chorus rend the skies above
And let the mountains and the hills
Proclaim the love that young hearts thrills. St. Mary’s boys, St Mary’s boys,

Hurrah! We are St Mary’s boys.

Our lives are bright and free of care.
The burden’s light that we must bear. Through tasks that should our ire provoke, Through sun and rain and mist and smoke St. Mary’s boys will smile and sing,
Till with their songs the echoes ring.


St. Mary’s boys cling to their God, Through life’s long day for Him they plod, To God and country ever true,
In peace and war their valour show, Where’er the call of duty lies
They prove themselves St Mary’s boys.



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