Physical Sports


“A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.” This statement is complete in itself to elucidate the importance of physical exercise in the life of a student. My father often tells me that the more you exert your body, the more it will support you.

Education refers to the all round development of an individual- not only mental or physical. Therefore education can only be made successful with an appropriate combination of mental as well as physical progress.

Physical exercise plays an extremely significant role in presenting a student with the fortitude to delve deep into his inner reserves of strength and vigour and emerge stronger than what life can throw at him. It facilitates co-ordination of the mind and body and synchronises a child’s mental development with his physical development. They present the power of introspection and rejuvenate a child, recreating him and providing a break from busy schedules and entangling ties.

The most common forms of physical exercise are sports. Sports assist in the establishment of a foundation to build up a strong edifice of character. They completely change a student’s approach towards life, for his betterment. They give him invaluable lessons of honesty, teamwork, working in collaboration, sacrifice and determination. Most importantly, sports teach a child how to endure trying times and look upon defeat and victory with the same attitude of detachment.

Statistics have proved that those students who are into sports and intense physical training more often than not, do brilliantly in academics as well. That is why they say that when you train a man’s body, he moulds his mind himself. These children grow up to be true gentlemen, with impeccable qualities and awe inspiring personalities. They shape into true human beings with humane virtues.

Keeping these views in mind, at St Mary’s ICSE, we promote and support various sporting activities such as football, basketball, cricket, athletics, badminton, table tennis, swimming etc. As a result of these efforts at the conscious level, rewards and remuneration have been reaped and we have done exceptionally well in all fields pertaining to sports.

Contributed by Manarth Chhowala

Primary Sports Festival 2019

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