Dear Parents,

The roots of holistic education are embedded in having deep reverence and respect for all. Women form an integral fabric of education from its very conception. Mothers are our first teachers, from the womb to the tomb women journey with us as mentors, companions, friends, philosophers and very often complimenting the incompleteness in men’s world.

Come 8th March and believe it or not the students along with the Masters turn the ethos of St. Mary into a wonderland where every woman on the campus feels precious. The preparations began as early as 4.30 am where our dear art Master Sir Ravi got fresh flowers and adorned the lady’s staff room with aromatic flowers. The student council along with the leaders painstakingly prepared the assembly, underlined with the theme WOMAN: THE WOMB OF THE UNIVERSE. The assembly witnessed moments of epiphany when our dear Principal Fr.Dr. Francis Swamy along with students and Masters shared their experiences of women in their lives.  Live singing of, O Ri Chiraiya, Wind beneath my wings left our dear teachers in tears of awe and joy. A token of appreciation, the goodwill plant, carrying blessings of peace, love and prosperity was gifted to each of the staff member.

All that begins well ends well. A simple lunch laced with music and games saw that all our Lady teachers experienced the special place that we have for them. Through this experience our students imbibed the respect that they need to have for the women in their life. They were told to express their feelings for their mums, grandmothers, sisters, friends, maids back home in some special way.

We remember all those women in the world today who have no voice, who are victims of domestic violence, war, cultural and religious intolerance. Our prayer is May God bless all our teachers, mothers of our students along with their sisters and Grandmothers with the fullness of His blessings.


Fr. (Dr.) Francis Swamy S.J.