Dear parents,

The Preparatory section visited the Natural History Section of the Museum on 8th November 2019 at The children had learnt about animals, birds and reptiles during the term and the visit was an educational experience and a revision of all the topics.

The children observed models of various species of birds particularly found in the different parts of India for eg., peacocks, parrots, flamingoes , vultures, the great Indian Bustard  and eagles to name a few. The models were placed as if it were in their own natural habitat giving the children a feel of being in a real jungle or forest.

The White tiger, the Indian bison, lions of Gujarat, the mountain goats, the famous Kashmir Stag were also showcased in their natural habitat.

The children then moved on to observe the marine life. They entered this section through a model of the whale’s jaws. Here they observed the actual sizes and colours of many fishes and a life like model of a crocodile; this left the children in awe.

Frogs, snakes and tortoises in their habitats, were also show cased; this greatly aroused the curiosity of the children.

It was a rich learning experience and plenty of memories for the children as they left for the day.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Fr. Dr. Francis Swamy, S.J.


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