The Inter House English Elocution for classes 5 to 7 was held virtually on Saturday, 5th December, 2020. Four boys from each division representing the four houses presented their poems to the judges and audience. The audience consisted of fellow participants, a few parents and teachers.  Ms. Sandra Fernandes, Supervisor of the Pre-Primary section and Ms. Joanne Agbajoh, presided as the judges for the Elocution.


Each participant recited their poem with great zeal and enthusiasm and it was a treat to hear them. The judges praised the students and guided them on how they could improve their recitation. A special mention of a few students were made, who were excellent in their voice modulation, facial expressions, pronunciation and clarity.


Following are the boys who have secured a merit (70% and above):

Class 5-1: Nil

Class 5-2:

  1. Nivaan Gala (White House)
  2. Faraaz Mistry (Green House)
  3. Mohammed Merchant (Blue House)
  4. Rustom Workingboxwalla (Red House)


Class 5-3:

  1. Qusai Tankiwala (Blue House)
  2. Mabon Jain (Red House)


Class 6-1:

  1. Pranav Shukla (Red House)


Class 6-2:

  1. Evan Fialho (White House)


Class 6-3:

  1. Kayan Chinwalla (Blue House)
  2. Malcolm Irani (Red House)


Class 7-1:

  1. Mehlam Dilawer (White House)


Class 7-2:

1.Yohan Rodrigues (Green House)

  1. Maahir Shah (Blue House)


Class 7-3: Nil


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