It  is impossible to deny the extraordinary societal impact of the outbreak of the coronavirus. During these times many are facing financial stress, emotional and physical isolation- there’s a variety of challenges for students and families.

As we move from a world of certainties to uncertainties with technology up our sleeves. St. Mary’s ICSE reached out to parents  and students by organising a webinar on Building Resilience with Dr. Harish Shetty a renowned Psychiatrist.

Dr. Shetty began the talk by introducing the 3 norms that one should practice during the pandemic namely wearing a mask, soap/sanitizer and physical distancing. He stressed on maintaining a good healthy atmosphere at home and during the time of crisis he voiced on the importance of good mental health in the family. He told the parents not to burden the students with too many tutions  and by conducting test.  Instead he adviced them to listen and engage with their child which is the key to their growth and have reachable goals.

He stated that the lockdown is tough for young minds. Parents are bogged down and anxious about their finances , jobs as well as their child’s future.

During these trying times the personality of our family is developing and how we tackle any adversity plays an important role in your child’s development. As our children watch us building bonds, handle conflict and enhancing friendship this will help the family to become stronger and face any adversity.

To build your families immunity he addaffirmed that we should encourage and engage in unstructured play as well as physical activity. If it is not safe to go down, walk at home or in the corridor. Cycle whenever possible. This will improve the mental health of your family.

Steps to build resilience

  1. Communicate within the family
  2. Share responsibilities
  3. Cherish each moment
  4. Eat healthy
  5. Keep in touch with teachers to check the mental health of your child
  6. If there is a change in behavior contact the school counselor.
  7. Allow your child to Achieve Live & Feel.

The session ended with a question answer session followed by a short interaction with the students.

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