St. Mary’s ICSE School achieved a historic milestone today by inaugurating its Solar Energy Plant which will cater to the needs of the school’s electricity requirements. This is part of the Marian GO-GREEN initiative.
The Rooftop Solar Plant was formally inaugurated by Mr. Aaditya Thackeray by the symbolic unveiling of the plaque and cutting of the ribbon.

St. Mary’s school ISC has installed a 54.6 kilowatts Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant to cater to its daily electricity consumption. Solar Photovoltaic or “PV”as it is popularly called is a semi-conductor based technology wherein the photons from the visible portion of the light spectrum are converted to electrical energy.

The Solar Modules (Panel) used for the school project is based on mono crystalline silicon cell technology. The Solar Module used is 350Wp (Watt –peak) in capacity.

There are 156 of these Solar Modules installed on the south facing roof slope of the secondary school building.

The Solar Modules are connected to the two Solar Grid Inverters. These inverters convert the DC power to AC power. The Inverter feeds the energy to Main MCCB Panel of the school building and the energy is distributed to the various electrical loads of the school like the computers, tube lights, fans, air conditioners, water pumps etc.

The unique feature of this solar plant is that on days when the school is closed, the Solar Power produced from the Solar Plant feeds the energy back to the Grid, i.e. it supplies energy to BEST Undertaking. A special meter called as “NET METER” records the energy supplied back to BEST. BEST Undertaking then deducts the energy supplied by the school from the energy the school drawn by the school, and bills the school only for the actual energy consumed from BEST. Thus the school saves money

  1. By producing Solar energy from the Solar Plant during the day and consuming it all by itself reducing the energy off take from BEST.
  2. By supplying excess solar energy from the Solar PV Plant to the BEST and accumulating credits that would be set off at the end of the month.

The school before installing the Solar PV Plant consumed around 1, 10, 00 units (kWh) annually. On installation of the Solar PV Plant the school intends to save 75,000 units (kWh) thereby saving 68% of its energy consumption. The quantum of electricity generated is equivalent to the planting of approximately 100 trees a year, thereby reducing tones of carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere. It is a giant step towards harnessing solar energy, reducing the carbon footprint and going green. It also offers an opportunity to the students to get a first-hand feel of the generation of renewable energy which hitherto was taught only in theory in the classrooms.The school has applied for the subsidy under the Subsidy Policy for schools and Educational Institutions of the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE), New Delhi. The subsidy has been approved by the Maharashtra Energy Department Agency (MEDA) and the school is entitled to receive a subsidy of Rs 6, 50,000.00.

Last but not the least. A Big Thank You to the Managing and Technical Director, Mr. Arif Petiwala and Kaustubh Apte of Maxwell , Solar And Wind Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Aaditya Thackeray‏Verified account @AUThackeray

It was truly amazing to be at St Mary’s school this morning, along with students bustling with energy! I had the honour to inaugurate the rooftop solar power plant. Renewable & clean energy is what will make the planet better for the next generation!

Thanking You,

Yours sincerely,

Fr. Dr. Francis Swamy, S.J.


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