The principal and management of St Mary’s ICSE had organised a one day workshop on

‘Spiritual enlightenment’ for all Non Catholic teachers on 1st February, 2020 in the serene and lush green campus of Vinalaya, Andheri East .

The teachers were warmly welcomed at the  Vinalaya followed by breakfast and tea.

The first session was conducted by Fr Charles. This session focussed on the importance of reflection.

Father reminded the teachers, that how by and large most of us reflect outwards and don’t want to introspect and reflect within.

Father Charles emphasised the importance of inner reflection and how it would help each individual to evolve in their lives spiritually.

At around 11am, the teachers were given a short coffee break.

After this short break, Father Charles showed us a few PPT and involved all of us in an interactive session of question and answers .

Lunch was served at approximately 1pm.

The second session was conducted by Fr John.  Father encouraged all teachers present to keep innovating their teaching methodologies and keep it fresh and interesting for the current  generation of students.

The third session was conducted by Fr Luke .Father believed that it’s high time we all take our environment seriously.

He insisted that a person can only relate to one’s environment if he /she starts loving and nurturing it.

Father Luke explained how each component of our ecosystem is delicately balanced through the ecoweb model.

This was followed by suggestions from the teachers end about their contribution towards the environment .

Tea and snacks were served at 3.30 pm.

Fr. Swamy thanked Fr Charles, Fr John and Fr Luke for their valuable and enriching contribution .

The full day workshop ended on a memorable and delightful note.


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