Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” Plato

Dear parents,

The Inter – House Western Music Festival was held on 15th November,2019 at the St. Mary’s School auditorium. Classes 4 to 10 participated in the Festival. The theme was ‘Music till the 1990s’. Auditions had been taken by the teachers earlier in the month. Parents had been invited to enjoy the show. The Festival was divided into 3 sessions-classes 4 and 5 performed in the first session; classes 6,7and 8 in the second session and classes 9 and 10 performed in the third session. Students could take part in the categories of Instrumentals, Vocals (solo and duet), and finally the Group vocals performed by the four Houses in the Secondary Section. Many students took part in more than one category. The esteemed judges for the event were Ms. Ruth Mary Parr, Ms. Rochelle Gomes and Mr. Galvin Mendonca

In the Instrumental Section, students played various instruments like the piano, keyboard, violin, guitar and the drums. The choice of pieces ranged from the Classical to evergreen Pop numbers.

There was a large variety in the choice of songs, in the Vocal Section and very few numbers were repeated. All the students had a back-up track as accompaniment, though a few students chose to play an instrument themselves and sing along. Many of the students brought their performances to life by acts of showmanship, which were much appreciated by the judges! In the Vocal Group Section, students experimented with various forms of music and harmonised their voices beautifully.

The judges were very impressed with the standard of Western Music performances. Students with outstanding performances were awarded Merits. It should be mentioned here that all the participants from classes 6 to 10, received Merits; a feat accomplished for the first time in the Western Music Festival at St. Mary’s. Enrico Rodrigues of class 10 was awarded full score by all three judges for his rendition on his take of ‘Autumn Leaves’, on the keyboard.

In the Group performances, Green House was awarded the first place followed by White House, Blue House and Red House.

The judges gave wonderful performance after the first session. They gave valuable feedback and encouraged the students to keep up their interest in Music which today is a viable career option.

After all, “If something is to be changed in the world, then it can happen only through music. “Jimmy Hendrix

Thanking You,

Yours sincerely,

Fr. Dr. Francis Swamy, S.J.


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