On the 9th of January, 2020, Class 3-3 conducted the morning assembly in the junior assembly hall. The topic for the assembly was ‘Starting Afresh’.
It commenced soon after the morning prayer and song. The students started the assembly by greeting every one for the New Year. One of the students recited a verse about the New Year. The others gave their viewpoints about their New Year resolutions. The students also spoke about the different ways in which we can make this year better by learning a new language, studying every day, doing exercise, eating healthy food etc. The students also told the others that it was a time to reflect and think about what the past year has brought and what the New Year could bring. It was a time to stop and analyze, to take stock of our priorities, values, pursuits and goals. This was followed by a short prayer for the New Year.
The highlight of the assembly was a lovely song, ‘ Let Me Start Again’ a song for a new beginning, which was enjoyable and in accordance with the theme. Overall it was a thought provoking assembly.

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