The father of our Nation , Mahatma Gandhi said, “A man is but the product of his thought . What he thinks, he becomes.” Winston Churchill rightly said ,“Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is courage to continue that counts.”
Life is filled with challenges and many a times, we quit because of our negative thoughts but on Tuesday, 4th February 2020, the boys of Class 2-1 conducted their assembly on the topic ‘Positive Thinking ‘ with an aim to change that mind-set. The students began by talking about how positive thinking is a very powerful tool in our daily lives. They highlighted how a negative mind-set affects the way we think and approach different scenarios. They spoke about how we need to train our minds to think in a positive way and this was showcased through a video which was all about a story of a little boy and his new pet dog.
The students further pointed out various ways in which we can be positive everyday by saying these words daily to ourselves “ I Can” – “ I am able” –“ It is possible”- “ Let’s do it”. If we say these words we will never give up, no matter what the situation and will always learn to smile through it.
Thus positive thinking leads to positive belief and this leads to positive action. The assembly ended with a video showing how our minds are trained to look at different situations and how we can find a silver lining for every dark cloud.

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