St. Mary’s I.C.S.E. School, Mazagaon, Mumbai – 400 010.


Friday, 8th June 2018.

Dear Parents,

Your child receives attention to his overall development in the school. Besides his academic achievement, the school also takes care that he excels in other spheres of life. In today’s world, only the intelligence quotient is not important, but a child should excel in the emotional, spiritual and social too. All this he’ll get only if he takes part in all the activities of the school. Sports is one such activity which will help him develop all this. Sports continues to play a vital role in the life of Marian students. Sports has always been given prime importance in St. Mary’s School. Coaching programmes in Athletics and Football have received greater attention in and out of season. This year all the Sports Activities will be conducted in collaboration with various coaches.


Parent-Teacher Association is an important aspect of the school administration. All those parents who would like to be part of this association as Class Representatives are requested to make a written application addressing the Principal and hand it over to the receptionist Mr. Aloysius Fernandes. If there is more than one application then there will be a lot system to choose one of them.


Looking forward towards your co-operation,


Thanking you for your support,

Sincerely yours,

(Fr. Dr. Francis Swamy S. J.)