“What is an innovator?” The students of St. Mary’s school have ventured to ask this question. And for the first time, St. Mary’s school has undertaken a journey of transformation and self-discovery for its students by choosing to work with Campk12. We have entrusted CampK12 with our students, and they have focused their passions and energies into creating young entrepreneurs, young thinkers and leaders through the powerful tool of technology. We recently concluded the First Camp on Feb 25, 2018 with brilliant results and outputs (Apps, Websites, Designs, and Games, etc) by our students. I am proud to witness the output of CampK12’s revolutionary technology and problem-solving approach that was taught to our students. Campk12 is the pioneer in the field of edu-tech and they strive to teach children from Class 2 to Class 12 about app development, coding, creative technology and more, in ways that broaden their mental horizons. Children are brimming with ideas and when CampK12 enables them to bring these ideas to life in the form of games, apps, websites, they empower kids to build and create. They also recently built and launched the World’s first Virtual Reality App Development platform called ‘HatchVR’ so that our students can be the one of the first ones, like their global counterparts, to build VR applications starting this summer vacations. Through their inventive camps, friendly competitions and showcases, CampK12 inculcates in students important soft skills that are long lasting and vital for their growth both in and out of the classroom. Through this partnership, we have discovered one of the best ways to foster our students’ growth and learning. During the summers, winters and the weekends that we would like to offer CampK12, we aim to provide an environment that empowers them in this developing tech-oriented society, with confidence in their own abilities to innovate. And not just be part of a change, but be the leaders of it. Those students who missed the opportunity of attending the first camp in February need not get disappointed as we are once again bringing CampK12 courses starting from April 11.

Kind regards

Fr. (Dr.) Francis Swamy S.J.