Dear Parents,

The ‘Musical Evening’ put by Class 3 and 4 was held on April 6, 2018 was a spectacular event. A warm ‘welcome action song ‘was put up  Class 3  with their sweet little actions.  Each class sung two melodious songs of the famous singer artists. The ‘despacito dance’ with their moves and shakes by Class 4 kept up to the spirit of the evening and the ‘action song’ by Class 4 expressing the deep ,deep love of God was meaningful.

The WOW and the INCREDIBLE moment  of the evening show was the unbelievable ‘ band by Class 3’ young Marians. They stole the show and turned a new page in the ‘ History of St. Mary’s ‘!

How true it is – When words fail, music speaks.

When the musical notes hit you,

you feel no pain.

The boys of Class 3 and 4 with their sweet melody, tickled the heart and mind and created a magical moment on this delightful event and kept the ‘ Musical Evening ‘ in a rocking spirit.


     Yours Sincerely, 

Fr. Dr. Francis Swamy S.J