Dear Parents,

The present academic year has almost come to an end. Our children have been provided with a number of opportunities during the academic year of 2017 – 2018.

  • At St. Mary’s, teaching is not limited to ‘chalk and talk’. With the Audio Visual Room, Smart Board, the New Biology laboratory has been equipped with the latest 3D projector, three well-furnished and updated computer labs; E- library and new server room available, we have a multi-pronged approach to teaching.
  • This year the school has upgraded smart boards/interactive boards in various class-rooms right up to pre-primary to enhance the learning-teaching process.
  • The school management introduced various educational packages to enhance teaching and learning.  ‘Mindspark’ which is an adaptive online tutoring system helped students to study Maths effectively through questions, practice, games, reports, remedial, enrichments.  Mindspark is an adaptive learning programme that helped students to learn Maths and language by employing a constructivist theory of learning. Through ‘Detailed Assessment’teachers came to know well in time the areas children were lagging in and subsequent remedial classes were conducted. ‘ASSET’ stands for assessment of scholastic skills through educational testing.  It is a scientifically designed, skill- based assessment test.  Rather than testing rote learning, it uses multiple –choice questions to focus on measuring how well skills and concepts underlying the school syllabus have been understood by the student.  The test provided information on the strengths and weaknesses of individual students and also of the entire class.
  • In collaboration with ‘Global Education Solution’ we had introduced the ‘mykensho’ programme which helped students to explore, aspire, understand, decide, plan and execute educational, career and personal roadmaps based on real world scenarios and knowledge towards achieving a self-informed, self-directed and evolving life, learning and career vision starting from school.
  • People Pro leadership’ programme inspired children to learn and imbibe life-skill values through various enrichment programmes.
  • Tata ClassEdge’ educational programme provided an innovative and comprehensive instructional solution that empowered teachers to teach better with an effective blend of curriculum-mapped classroom activities and interactive multimedia.
  • During the Art period the children not only learn drawing and craft but along with it they learn vocal and instrumental music.
  • Yoga has become an integral part of the physical training.
  • This year the school had introduced weekly ‘Test Series’ for class X students. It helped students to do their continuous revision of the lessons learnt in the class.
  • The school management had engaged two dance instructors along with their team to conduct regular dance classes during the school hour. The dance therapy has helped the children to de-stress and have a positive mental health. Besides giving them the opportunity to have aerobic exercises through dance it has also been good physical activity.
  • Many students have shown progress in individual sports outside the school, while others have been exposed to programmes conducted by the external Education group. We have also conducted several public examinations in the School.
  • Security and safety of our children is of prime importance to us. The management has installed several high-resonances C.C. Cameras all over in the school vicinity.
  • The school management has enhanced the School Mobile App for better communication between teachers, parents and students. Teachers and students have been encouraged to adopt E-Learning. To enhance the technology-based teaching and learning, the Wi-Fi zone has been enhanced in the school vicinity.
  • The Staff rooms have been well-furnished to create a conducive environment for a smart work culture. The renovated auditorium is in full use.
  • Realizing the difficulties the students face in learning various school subjects, the school management has enhanced the existing Counselling Centre by engaging a couple of special educators as part of the teaching faculty.
  • In order not to have any class without a teacher, the management has engaged a couple of floating teachers to support the existing teaching faculty.
  • Over the past few years, St. Mary’s has grown from strength to strength and is now a leading school in Mumbai city. Academic standards are comparatively high, as shown by our I.C.S.E. board results and, by and large, our parents are satisfied with the progress of the School and with the way it is run.
  • Morning assemblies play a vital role in inculcating noble values. The visual exposure is made possible through the huge screen with L.C.D. projectors which has made the morning assemblies very interactive and interesting.
  • Lockers were provided to the students of classes 5 to 10 so that the weight of their school bag is reduced. Text books were displayed on the smart board in order that the students need not carry the text books daily. Additional ‘water stations’ were provided on the ground and first floors.
  • Dramatics is an annual feature of the school activities. Inter-house dramatics is held to promote love for language and literature, art and culture.
  • Every day children are introduced to a new word, which has enhanced the vocabulary of the students through word building. A new word with meaning and an appropriate sentence is explained and dictated to the students. “Word Quiz” is held to increase the learning vocabulary of children in a play-way method.
  • Our School is a Jesuit institution. Ours is particularly an educational Institution, known for its values and ethics. The school fosters a world-renowned order of educators, Jesuits, the flag bearers of the religious order, Society of Jesus; the value orientation in such a school or college is of the highest order.
  • Furthering the value system in many a Jesuit school is the joint venture of Parents and Teachers who really are the mentors in the formative years of a child.
  • Parents, your support is very crucial in matters of discipline, cleanliness and finances – especially in the area of discipline. Together we must achieve higher levels in every field. A Big thank you to the proactive and ever vibrant P.T.A.
  • I thank all our teachers who interact with you all through the year. Their hard work has paid off making a big difference in the lives of your children.
  • Together with Fr. Arun the treasurer, Ms. Clementine the supervisor of the secondary section, Ms. Nirmala Fernandes the Supervisor of the primary section, and Ms. Sandra Fernandes the coordinator of the pre-primary section, other Jesuit Fathers and Brothers, and our teachers we wish you ‘A Happy Summer!’ May God Bless you.


Fr.Dr.Francis Swamy S.J