Dear parents,

The Inter House English Elocution was held on 11th September 2019. It was held in the second session in the St. Mary’s Auditorium. The compere for the Elocution were Aryamaan Kalani and Aarush Ranjan of Class 10. The judges were Ms. Simone Fernandes from Christ Church and Ms. Jannice Manickam from St. Peter’s School. There were in all forty-five students who participated, out of which eighteen students secured 80% and above. It was a moment of pride to see our students recite their poems so well. The judges were pleased with the recitation and congratulated some of the students who had learnt poems of a higher level like “Charge of the Light Brigade”, “The Ballad of Semmerwater” and “The Cold Within”. A special mention of a few students were made who were excellent in their voice modulation, pronunciation and clarity. The judges enjoyed the humorous pieces some of the students came up with. The Elocution ended on time with the judges appreciating our students for their confidence on stage.


Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Fr. Dr. Francis Swamy, S.J.



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