Dear Parents,

Class 4-3 conducted quite a few fun activities in and outside class for the First Term. These were science and maths activities.

In science, there were activities conducted on every chapter that was completed in the 1st term.


Digestion and the role of microbes  

The class under the guidance of their class teacher made a  model of the digestive system of the human body using different coloured clay. The class was divided into several groups in accordance with the different parts of the digestive system. The boys, were very excited and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this project-cum activity conducted in the class.

Circulatory and Excretory system  

Class 4-3 made a 3D model using coloured paper, straws and sheets of paper. They also labelled the different parts of the system with stickers. The boys did a very neat job and were extremely happy with the project.

Green Plants

The boys were taken down to the senior assembly hall and were divided into groups and made the model of a plant on paper using real leaves and stems from our school surroundings. Along with this, each group was given a mini worksheet booklet, where they had to discuss and write the answers, within their groups.

Adaptations in plants

The boys were divided into 2 groups (Terrestrial and Aquatic plants).They were asked to use their own creativity to prepare 2 neat and beautiful charts which gave them more information about the different plants and their habitat. The boys did a fantastic job. They made these charts with such good team work and ensured that they did not scream, shout or misbehave themselves.



There was an activity, that was done in class based on the topic. The boys had to use toothpicks to form a line, line segment and a ray. They had to write the definition of each in their own words to see how well they understood the concept, taught to them. The boys did a splendid job.

They were rewarded with a good remark every time an activity was conducted which made them happier and enthusiastic to do better.


Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Fr. Dr. Francis Swamy, S.J.