Date: 27th August,2019                                                    Place: Nehru Science Center

Day: Tuesday.                                                                     Time: 9.30 a.m. – 11.45 a.m.

Dear parents,

The children were taken to the Nehru Science Center since the topic of engines, endangered and extinct animals was done previously in class.

We went by bus to the center where, after purchasing the tickets, the children lined up to see the exhibits. They saw the steam engine, locomotives of both the narrow and broad gauge; they observed horse driven trams, steam trams and a big generator. Some children even pointed out to the cow catcher which they had observed in a book in class. They saw the model of the various dinosaurs kept outside. Children tried to identify some of the dinosaurs.

On entering the main center they observed the big display on kinetic force. They visited the section where they got to use their sense of touch, smell and sight.

Next, they went on to see the extinct animals section. Here they saw the wholly mammoth, the sloth, the saber tooth tiger, the cave men, a skeleton of a flying dinosaur, the giant squid and many other animals that do not exist anymore.

It was a wonderful learning experience where they got to use their 5 senses and also see the Prehistoric section.

The children were asked questions about their visit and were encouraged to share their experience with their family.


Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Fr. Dr. Francis Swamy, S.J.


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