Primary Faculty

Ms. Nirmala Fernandes



Ms. Connie D’Souza


I, Miss Connie D’souza, completed my B.Com. degree and then went on to do teacher’s training from the esteemed St. Margaret’s Teacher’s Training Institute at Clare Road. Soon after completing the course I joined St. Mary’s, I.C.S.E. in 1990 and have completed 27 successful years of teaching in 2017. I am a diligent, enthusiastic and committed teacher, who knows the right mix of education and fun so as not to allow stress and boredom creep into my classroom. I possess an understanding of my students’ needs and am able to enforce discipline and at the same time create a positive, informal environment of learning. I set goals for the students and help them achieve them with patience and motivation. I also possess an ability to effectively deal with students with learning disabilities. My passions include travelling, reading good books, listening to music, cooking and playing with my grand-nephews and nieces. I am a teacher who not only loves teaching but also spending time with her students. I believe in living life to the best and leaving to God the rest. I cherish every moment I have spent in St. Mary’s and look forward to the coming years in this wonderful school which I call my second home.

Ms. Flory Fernandes


I am Ms. Flory Fernandez  and I’m working in this highly prestigious institution  for the past 25 years and I ‘ve seen my boys growing into handsome young men with good moral values and doing well in their respective fields. I’m very passionate about teaching and also upgrading my teaching skills. Last year I did my in-service training which has helped to a great extent to help children to perform even better using new technology.

I have always been dedicated and conscious about my work and love for my children and will always try my level best to keep the St Mary’s flag rising up in future.


Ms. Ancia Fernandes



Motto: “ Happy students geared for tomorrow…..”

The Motto has two components ‘Happy’ and ‘geared for tomorrow’, because happiness puts a child’s mind in a good mood to learn. This is achieved through our play- way methods where children have the opportunity to understand what they are doing, and so do it successfully .This  helps children to be geared for tomorrow’,for when they understand they are confident of what they are doing.

As a teacher, I have been inspired to impact children’s lives and to make them hardworking, confident and responsible citizens of tomorrow.

May God bless and help me with each child entrusted to my care.


Mr. Gabriel Tuscano



I have been here at St. Mary’s, ICSE in the capacity of a Primary Sports Master for twenty-two glorious years and have enjoyed every bit of it. I am delighted in teaching children and interacting with them. From my school days, during my formal education, I have been a sports person. I excelled at Kabaddi, Kho-Kho and Volleyball.

As coordinator of the Cub Movement at St. Mary’s, I conduct meetings for cubs every Friday along with other colleagues. Students play and learn various skills. In the overnight camp for cubs, the enthusiastic cubs learn to be independent and self-disciplined.

I have to my credentials, the certificate of being a qualified Yoga Master. I am elated to know that the school has introduced yoga in the Primary School this year. I enjoy teaching yoga to the boys. My motto is “Be Happy”, not because everything is good, but because I love to see the good in everything.

Ms. Mary Dias



Ms. Kalpana D’Costa




Learning gives you creativity,

Creativity leads to thinking,

Thinking provides knowledge,

Knowledge makes you great.

–     Abdul Kalam.

I am Mrs. Kalpana Ajit D’costa, teaching in St. Mary’s School (ICSE) since August 2001. Teaching is a noble profession. Here I  deal with innocent and pure minds who help me to see the world in a positive direction, Where the children forget and forgive and start with a new life, inspires me to take new challenges very enthusiastically. As I teach them, I learn many new things every day. I really look forward to go my class to teach and learn more things. The innocent minds make my world beautiful. This profession gives me total satisfaction and happiness. My aim is to be a good teacher where my small ones can see their mother in me.

Ms. Natasha Gonsalves


Motivation, creativity and  freedom  are  my  most  powerful  educational  tools.  Education  is  not  the  filling  of  a  pail, but  the  lighting  of  a  fire.  For  the  mind  does  not  require  filling  like  a  bottle, but  rather, like  wood, it  only  requires  kindling  to  create  in  it  an  impulse  to  think  independently  and  an  ardent  desire  for  the  truth.  I  thank  God  for  helping  me  understand  my  calling  and  putting  me  in  the  midst  of  young  minds.  Every  day  is  a  special  day  and  it  really  puts  a  smile  on  my  face  as  I  relive  my  childhood.  It  is  a  Gift of God  and  I  will  always  cherish  these  moments.

The following  quotes  have  always  been  a  part of  me:

“A  teacher’s  purpose  is  not  to  create  students  in  his  own  image, but  to  develop  students  who  can  create  their  own  image.”     – Anonymous

“I  never  teach  my  pupils, I  only  provide  the  conditions  in  which  they  can  learn.”      – Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Here’s a  big  Thankyou  to  all  my  loving  teachers  who  have  shaped  me, molded  me  and  installed  all  the  good  values…

Ms. Anita Deshmukh


As a teacher I am compassionate and dedicated towards my students. In the classroom making learning fun, yet knowledgeable  is my aim. Being a disciplinarian myself, I believe discipline is the key to a successful life. Hence, I know how to strike a balance between being firm yet loving.

My motto: Making a difference in the life of a single student is an achievement in itself.


Ms. Neilette Barboza



I see my vocation,  as an outlet to express my love for  creativity, music, action, discovery, learning and most of all, little children. Each new day is different and is always filled with emotion- some happy, some anxious, some eager, some over the top. But there’s never a dull moment. Humour always plays a big part in my classroom teaching. I like to maintain a  relationship of friendship, love and respect with my students. It truly is a wonderful feeling to nurture these little ones and watch them grow into independent men of confidence and value.


Ms. Suhasini Gerald



As I was part of team teaching ‘Life at Crossroads’ , I discovered that my love towards children inspired me to take up teaching.

Teaching in the Primary Section comes with its own challenges. Yes a lot of patience is required, but  when students come out with the funniest statements it gives me immense joy.  Learning from the students especially when they ask  probing questions, earning their trust, seeing the spark on a student’s face as a lesson ‘clicks’ for them  are  some of the highlights of teaching them. As a teacher I have grown in confidence ,   discovering new and exciting ways to teach. I love to see the progress in children develop over time.


Ms. Farah Kudrati



Hi ! I Farah Kudrati am proud To be a part of this prestigious institution ST MARY’S (ICSE).

I am a part of the PRIMARY SECTION since the year 2003. Having taught all classes from the preparatory to class four (I am currently teaching in class one) I can very diligently say that these have been the most fruitful years of my life.

Teaching children is a process where you While teaching are in reality Actually  learning. This continuous learning during the daily interaction With the boys is what has  kept  me enthusiastic and driven in all these years . It’s rewarding to know that you are able to mould and shape a child’s life even if in a small way. You are constantly able to broaden their young minds Just so that they can think and  do things In new and different ways. This is enough for each child So that he in turn can make this world a better place for future generations.I would like to thank all my colleagues past and present From whom I have learnt some valuable insights. I have always received love and affection from them all. I would like to thank FATHER SWAMY  for letting us be a part of his great vision On making this institution The ONE THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE.


Ms. Winisome Mary Samson



As a teacher I always think of my motto, ‘To Teach Is To Touch Lives,’ that encapsulates the principles, values, and ideals which guide me and helps me make the right choice for my students and the institution.

From the very moment that I stepped into this noble, prestigious, dynamic and educationally enriching institution, St. Mary’s School, I.C.S.E., and began my professional life, my vision and goal for this institution was and will always be, ‘to prepare each student to succeed in a rapidly changing world, as a strong instructional leader at the forefront, who shares his knowledge while leading others towards being leaders themselves and creating a community of leaders. I have a strong desire to be more involved in developing our school culture where everyone feels supported and respected as we all work towards helping students reach higher levels of achievement.

To achieve my desired vision for our school we as educators and parents need to always remember that, ‘You can’t force commitment, what you can do… You nudge a little here, inspire a little there, and provide a role model. Your primary influence is the environment you create.’

Mr. Jestin D’Mello 

Art  Teacher


I have finished my Diploma in Fine Arts from Vasai Vikasini College of Visual Arts. I started my teaching profession in 2009 . I have worked in Oxford Public School and Children’s Academy School for five years . This is my 5th year in St. Mary’s I.C.S.E. as Arts teacher with Primary Section. Teaching is my passion. I make sure all my students enjoy my class. As an Arts teacher I try to bring out the creativity of the students as well as teaching them the basic knowledge of Art because both things are equally important . I also do my best to make sure that my students are learning moral values which will make them successful individuals in future.

Ms. Anita Datt


Ms. Joanne Dora Agbajoh


            Since I was a child, teaching  has always been close to my heart. I was born and brought up in Goa. I completed my graduation in  Literature and Psychology from Carmel College For Women, Margao.

As I mentioned above I always knew I wanted to be a teacher but I wanted to do my B.Ed.  in a place where there were more opportunities as compared to Goa. Hence, I completed my B.Ed. at St. Teresa’s B.Ed. college , Santa Cruz west, Mumbai. After which I got a job at St Peter’s School , Mazagaon and worked there for three years until a better opportunity came my way and I got a job at St Mary’s (ICSE), Mazagaon.

This is my 4th year at Mary’s and I am more than happy to be a part of this wonderful institution. Teaching to me in short is to Teach my students to my best ability and touch their lives forever.

Ms. Cheryl D’souza




Ms. Cabryann Fernandes

I am Mrs. Cabryann Fernandes, born and brought up in Mumbai. I completed my education in a Convent school and college, after which I completed my T.T.C./D.Ed.  at St. Margaret’s College of Education.

I began my career as a teacher in the year 2002 at the age of 19. After that there was no looking back. I worked at St Sebastian School and Mary Immaculate Girl’s School for eight  years and three  years respectively. Whilst I was teaching I simultaneously pursued and completed my Graduation and Post-Graduation from the Mumbai University.

I then took a break for a year in order to complete my B.Ed. in the year 2014 and then began my journey at St. Mary’s School, ICSE.

I feel blessed to be teaching in this highly- esteemed institution. I absolutely love teaching and it’s amazing to watch my students grow in knowledge. My motto as a teacher is to ensure that every child gets the quality of education he deserves.

I am here to make a sincere effort that no matter what each day holds, every child is taken care of in my class, learns and has fun while doing so.

Ms. Asunta Pereira


Mrs. Luciya Vaz



Motto : I love learning and I want to help students to love it too.

I have been teaching for the past 20 years, and I still treasure every minute I spend with my students. My endeavour is that they discover their own talents and feel good about themselves.  It is my firm belief that the use of creativity while teaching helps students concentrate. With a true spirit of dedication, patience and care, I wish to instill in them a sense of curiosity to discover what is true; how to think and choose right over wrong and also how to gain wisdom, so they will some day make the world a brighter, better place.

Ms. Karishma Unarkar

Computer  Teacher





I teach because it is what I’m meant to do and also because it’s something I always wanted to do; I can’t imagine myself doing anythingelse.I want to hand the gift of knowledge to my students, knowing that we both can grow together as I influence their lives, love and inspire them while doing what I LOVE!