Project ‘REGIONS 19_20’

EUMIND is a platform for networking between schools in India and Europe to promote interaction and understanding between students and teachers. St. Mary’s ICSE is proud to be selected as a member school of the EUMIND network. As part of this association, a group of 35 enthusiastic students are working on EUMIND Project ‘REGIONS 19_20’ in collaboration with Dominicus School, Netherlands Europe. Under this project students are required to undertake different research topics in their region like Transport and Traffic Safety, Facilities for Youth, Vandalism or Graffiti etc.

The students have started working on their project since September this year. We have successfully completed our first two tasks this year i.e. a website ( and a video conference with our partner school in Netherlands. Our first video conference with our partner school took place on 26th November, 2019. It started at 01:00 IST and lasted for about an hour. The agenda for the conference was the introduction of teachers, group sharing, wherein the students exchanged a number of questions in order to know more about their counter school. They were happy to learn and share about each other’s culture and project topics. Our next task on the project will be doing research work, conducting interviews and creating awareness on the topics assigned to each group. The students are looking forward to a totally new learning experience.