St. Mary’s School ICSE organized a workshop on ‘Effective strategies for handling board pressure’ for the parents and students Of Class 10 by eminent psychiatrist Dr. Harish Shetty. He plays a pivotal role in molding young minds and improving the mental health and wellbeing of adults. He is an active socialist who expresses his view points by writing various blogs on Mental Health.

Dr. Shetty emphasized about the mental balance of children during the final 50 days of preparation for their board exams. The thinking process and a daily schedule were the two things that he focused on. He promoted the BBP method i.e. Book to the Brain and Brain to the Pen.

Keeping this in mind he spoke about the various study patterns commonly observed in children. He stated that students either tend to overdo a subject that they enjoy or neglect the subject or leave it for the last minute. He advised writing every day, and recalling within 3 hours what has been studied. He stated that students should love studying and should make use of mnemonics, rhymes, and funny quotes when doing so to help remember the content. The best time to study is in the classroom with peers revising one-line question and answers. Consult and clarify all your doubts with your teachers.

Strategies for parents and students

  1. A healthy debate and discussion in the house is important.
  2. Never compare children to other classmates.
  3. While appearing for the board exams it is essential for students to go with a relaxed frame of mind and wish fellow students.
  4. Greet the supervisor with a smile.
  5. Hard work is important. Do your best and don’t think about the marks.
  6. Embrace the student once he returns rather than questioning him about the paper.
  7. Divorce gadgets and give it to your mother.
  8. If your mind goes blank during the exam STOP, take a deep breath and resume writing.
  9. Write what you know best first so that the brain valves function better.
  10. Parents maintain your cool and accept your child wholeheartedly. Do not share your anxiety.
  11. Speak your feelings rather than bottle them up. Beat Stress = Say Yess (Yoga Exercise, Sleep, Service)
  12. While appearing for the board exams it is essential for students to go with a relaxed frame of mind and wish fellow students.
  13. Families need to spend more time with each other in person rather than on gadgets. Gadgets can steal your marks
  14. Don’t sacrifice your sleep for studies. Students need to get Minimum 8 hours of sleep practice slow deep breathing
  15. Move your body every hour
  16. Humor is a great stress buster

He suggested that once the board exams are over students should undergo an aptitude test and attend career fairs. This should be discussed at home with the parents. Keep your child fruitfully engaged in activities to avoid them falling prey to unhealthy habits.  The talk ended with a question-answer session. ALWAYS remember that the board exams are not the end of the world. Get into a college close to your home.

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