Dear parents,

The cub boys went for a camp to Karjat on the 10th and 11th of August . The boys had their departure at 7.45a.m from school .The children were put up at the Pinewood Resorts in Karjat . Boys from Classes 2 to 5 were accompanied by the scouters on this camp . This was the first camp for the boys of Class 2 hence making it a very special one for them .The cub boys were put up together in dormitories hence enabling them to develop a sense of belongingness with each other . The camp enabled the children to enjoy and participate in a variety of activities through their two day stay .An exciting course of adventure activities was planned for the kids which included Archery; Rope walking and balancing, Walking through the Burma bridge and Rappelling. Each and every child participated in all the activities. The boys also enjoyed an innovative and creative session of art and craft activities where skills like paper quilling and origami were introduced. This resulted in beautiful creations by the children. The evening was enjoyed by the boys having a blast on the array of water slides and water games by the pool.The boys danced away to the music when in the pool enjoying the rain .The red flower which was prepared for the night session by the boys dealt with an important topic of global warming and its effects . The short skits and songs prepared by the boys were entertaining and proved thought provoking for all of us .The bay 2 of the camp began with a jog around the campus amidst nature ,followed by Baden Powell breathing exercises and light yoga .Later through the day the cub boys had an inspection of their room and things which needed to be in accordance to the instructions given before the camp. A series of mind boggling telegames were played by the boys by midafternoon .The games which had bands , table tennis balls ,glasses , beads, straws etc involved while playing them helped children to develop a sense of speed , tact , wit and team spirit .The cub boys also enjoyed playing around the vast premises of the resort . The slides, swings, seesaws ,ladders and hanging tyres kept them busy and joyful .The breakfast ,lunches ,snacks and dinners were sumptuous and were healthily prepared for the boys .The boys started their journey at 2.00p.m after lunch and reached school by 5.30p.m with loads of fun -filled memories in their minds.

Scouters : Principal :Father Francis Swamy, Cub master :Gabriel Tuscan° Scouters : Ms Cabryann Fernandes ,Ms Asunta Pereira ,Ms Kalpana D’costa ,Ms Paulina D’souza , Ms Farah Kudrati , Ms Karishma Unarkar and Mr Justin D’mello.

Medical assistance: Ms Idaline Fernandes and Ms Priscella .T.

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