Dear Parents,


The  assembly was conducted on 4th  July , 2018. The pupils threw light on the historic facts on the founder of our school, which made the audience reflect on the character and spiritual conversion of the Saint.   St. Ignatius, though a mighty warrior could change his austere lifestyle to a humble Jesuit personality with only God’s help; submitting to God & understanding His Will, which even inspired him in writing the prayers used in our school today. This left a good impact on the audience.

The Assembly also highlighted the work of the Jesuits in various fields…i.e. from their contribution in the field of Science , Literature, Theater & Arts, for leaving their mark in the Educational Field , not only in India but internationally too which is an eyewitness to history; thereby shaping lives, raising many well-known & famous people who have made history with their fascinating stories.

Boys  have done a good job, conveying these facts with clarity and confidence.

Two trailer videos depicting the life history on St. Ignatius in a nutshell were shown. Thus we ended our assembly.

Yours sincerely,

Fr.Dr. Francis Swamy, S.J.