Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents,

There is a quote in the book of Ecclesiastes of the Holy Bible which states, “There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven….. “

The present academic year is fast coming to an end and it’s a time to retrospect all that happened in the school during the academic year 2018-2019.

Our children have been provided with a number of opportunities. Besides having the teaching of regular curriculum the school has introduced number of other subjects within and outside the school time table; such as Dance, Music, Yoga and aerobics. These non academic activities help children to relax and to pursue their innate abilities and talent while doing regular study.

All through the year the school gave various opportunities to students by inviting external agencies like K- Camp 12 and Curiosity Gym to conduct various courses in digital learning and with hands on project based learning. The children learnt coding, app development, entrepreneurship and other creative technologies.

Coaching in various sports discipline was given priority. Besides the regular coaching in football, cricket and basketball, the students had opportunity to participate in number of inter class and inter house tournaments in various sports discipline including indoor and outdoor games.

In the evening various non-academic programmes were conducted like robotics, Roller skating, Gymnastics, Band, Abacus, Karate, Kung Fu and all for kids.

The children had wonderful learning experience during the educational tours.  Scout and Cub camps were as exciting as ever. Besides the knowledge drawn from the text books, children gained a lot of self learning through such direct experience which occurred during various excursions.

The pre primary and primary children had number of such exposures which enhanced their knowledge.

The School App has proved a good means of communication. The school has engaged the service of Tata Class Edge to make the teaching and learning enjoyable and effective. From next year, besides the educational package of the ‘Tata ClassEdge’ we will also have the resources available from another educational agency known as ‘Extra Marks’.

We will continue with the educational package of ‘Detailed Assessment’ (DA) and ‘Minds Park’.   DA has been a great support in student’s performance in school and competitive exams.  Minds Park which is a computer based online self- learning tool, has helped to enhance children’s understanding of Maths and improve their Math’s skills.

From the next academic year we will be having speech and drama class in the school during the school hours. Security and safety of our children is of prime importance to us. The management has installed several high-resonances C.C. Cameras all over in the school vicinity. The management has engaged a couple of floating teachers to support the existing teaching faculty, so that each class has a teacher throughout the school hours.

Morning assemblies play a vital role in inculcating noble values. In order to have more visual exposure during the morning assemblies the school has installed two huge screens with L.C.D. projectors.

Lockers have been provided to the students of classes 5 to 10 so that the weight of their school bag is reduced.

As an experiment we will introduce the file system from next academic year for class seven. This will help the students to reduce the weight of their school bag and also they will learn to organize themselves by filing each day’s work.

Dramatics is an annual feature of the school activities. Inter-house dramatics is held to promote love for language and literature, art and culture.

Every day children are introduced to a new word, which has enhanced the vocabulary of the students through word building. A new word with meaning and an appropriate sentence is explained and dictated to the students. “Word Quiz” is held to increase the learning vocabulary of children in a play-way method.

Over the years, St. Mary’s has grown from strength to strength and is now a leading school in Mumbai city. Academic standards are comparatively high, as shown by our I.C.S.E. board results and our parents are satisfied with the progress of the School and with the way it is managed.

The Central and State government have sanctioned the 7th pay commission relating to the pay scale of all their employees including our school staff. This issue was discussed at the parent teacher association meeting held in our school on 15th December2018 with a recommendation of a fee hike. Accordingly, it has been decided that there will be raise of Rs. 1000/- in the school fees.

You are aware that ‘IMMACULATA’ has become a brand of St. Mary’s ICSE, Mazgaon. This inter-school festival of Mumbai is hosted by our school and is the most sought after mega event and extravaganza for all school going students in Mumbai. This event gives a platform for our present students to network with the ex-students and learn from their experiences and showcase their talents. This event preserves the legacy of St. Mary’s ICSE School.

St. Mary’s ICSE is a Jesuit educational institution which promotes values and ethics. The school fosters world-renowned order of educators ‘Jesuits’, the flag bearers of the religious order, ‘Society of Jesus’; the value orientation in such an institution is of the highest order. To further the value system in our Jesuit school, we operate as a joint venture of Parents and Teachers who are the basic mentors in the formative years of a child.

Parents, your support is very crucial in matters of discipline, cleanliness and finances – especially in the area of discipline. Together we must rise to  higher levels of excellence in every field.

I express my deepest gratitude to our proactive and  vibrant P.T.A. I also thank our dedicated teachers who interact with you all through the year. Their commitment and hard work has yielded great results which has made a big difference in the lives of your children.

Together with Fr. Arun the treasurer, Ms. Clementine Monteiro the Supervisor of the secondary section, Ms. Nirmala Fernandes the Supervisor of the primary section, Ms. Sandra Fernandes the supervisor of pre primary section, other Jesuit Fathers and Brothers, and our teachers we wish you ‘A Very Happy Summer Vacation!’ May God Bless you all!


Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Fr.  (Dr. ) Francis Swamy, S.J.