Dear Parents,

This  event  unfolded  on  the  25th of July, 2018. More than hundred pupils participated and seventy-six were awarded merits. Each participant contributed one point to his House score and each awardee contributed  two points . Thus the White House secured the First place , followed by the Green, Blue and Red Houses. We had two esteemed judges, Mrs. Prabhu from St. Peter’s School and Mrs. Shrivastav from Campion  School.


The participants presented their pieces very impressively and inspite of time constraints the Hindi Faculty did prepare them well for the same . The event began and ended on time , over two sessions , thanks to the excellent co-ordination between the faculty teachers, the school-officials and many other senior pupils.The Host-Pupils for the event were Ojas Binayake, Jehan Bajan and  Abhikalp Shekhar in both sessions and they tirelessly did a wonderful job. The Judges were very impressed by the variety of topics chosen by our pupils and the lavish catering services extended by Mr. S. Karande and his team.

Teachers- in-Charge:

Mr. Sudhir  Singh                                  Ms. Sharda  Shukla

Ms. Sangita  Upaddhyay                      Ms. Vandana  Gupta


Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Fr.Dr. Francis Swamy, S.J.