Dear Parents,

On 27th February, 2017, the NATURE CLUB had organized a workshop on organic kitchen gardening for the Nature Club boys. This was conducted by Mr. A.G. Vijay, the National Head of Basant Agro Tech (I) Ltd., an organization based in Nagpur. It was conducted after school in the senior assembly hall. 33 students participated in this workshop. Each student was given a kit which comprised 4 Hybrid seeds of coriander, lady finger, tomato and chilly ; 4 growing bags ; a small packet of organic manure ; a spade ; a pair of gloves and a small instruction leaflet. Mr. Vijay briefly demonstrated how to use the kit.
Around two weeks later, the boys brought back the plants which they had grown. The boys were photographed along with their plants.
Thus the boys had an educational and enjoyable workshop, which encouraged them to nuture nature by growing their own organic vegetables at home.

Ms. F.J.Billimoria
Ms. A.Ghogari

Fr. Dr. Francis Swamy S. J.