Parent Guide


  1. Parents are expected to co-operate with the school authorities in their insistence upon regularity, punctuality, discipline, personal cleanliness and the preparation of daily lessons.
  2. Parents  are  invited  to  take  a  keen  interest  in  the academic work of the school and encourage their children to take part in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  3. Parents  are  informed  that  occasional  reports  from teachers are conveniently made in the School Calendar. They are requested to sign them as proof that they have read them.
  4. Parents  are  particularly  required  to  sign  the  Test books, exercise books, Term Reports, or any other similar documents when so requested. Failure to do so, may put their child to great inconvenience. They should also keep an eye on the Non-Attendance and Leave Record. They must make it a point to attend the Parents’ Visiting Days.
  5. Parents, when called, are obliged to meet teachers at the Parents-to-School days, to take note of how they can better help their wards in their academic progress.
  6. Private   tuitions  are  not   encouraged.   Private tutors  must  not  be  engaged  without  consulting the  Principal.  Private  tuitions  from  members  of the  Staff  of  St  Mary’s  may  only  be  taken  with the explicit written permission of the Principal.
  7. Parents  and  guardians  are  specially  requested  to notify the school of any change of address.
  8. When communicating with the Principal, parents are requested to mention in their letter, the class and division of their children.
  9. Parents, please note that all Examination Reports of their children have to be filed and preserved carefully for future necessary reference (College admission, etc). The School is neither bound to issue fresh duplicate reports of the same nor give a statement of marks for consecutive years in the event of reports being lost.
  10. Parents, guardians or other persons are not allowed to see their wards or interview their teachers during school hours without the sanction of the authorities. Since members of the Staff should be seen preferably during their ‘non-teaching’ periods, an appointment with a member of the staff should be arranged beforehand.
  11. Parents  are  invited  and  encouraged  to  participate actively in events organized for the good of the students and the institution.
  12. Parents are to understand that they cannot dictate to  the  school  authorities.  The  latter  have  a  right to say on what conditions they will admit or retain pupils in their institution.