"First Term Exam  Time Table - 2014-15"

About St. Mary's

St. Mary's School which had its beginnings as a Catholic Military Orphanage, soon found itself providing Catholic boys of the Anglo-Indian community with a sound general and religious education through the medium of English. Hence, Catholic Anglo-Indians are given priority in the matter of admission. Boys of all other communities have always been admitted, though preference is still given to Catholics.





Thought For The Week

“It is good to be born a child;but bad to remain a child”    By Swami Vivekananda

“Society does not go down because of the activities of criminals, But because of the inactiveness of the good people.”    By Swami Vivekananda


Art of the week

By: Aseem Gupta 7-3

Health Matters

Gradually, as the human civilization has advanced, man has made his life more comfortable and increased his means of entertainment. He has invented various sports, practiced medicine and saved....
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Photograph of the week

Vansh Javeri 8 - 1 Photography club