Dear Parent,

It gives us lot of pride in sharing that our school has taken the initiative to offer personalized learning in Maths to every child through ‘Mindspark’. This will ensure that our students are prepared for the fast-changing global scenario, having a deeper understanding of concepts. Given below are the complete details on how Mindspark will transform learning for your Child and help you engage your child in a richer learning experience. We look forward to your cooperation and contribution in our continuous endeavor to empower children to become self-reliant learners.

Giving your child what he needs:

  1. Triggers Analytical Thinking
  2. Personalized self-paced Learning.
  3.  A Personal Assistant teacher that understands and works at your child’s level.
  4. Animation and Visuals chosen specifically for your child’s need.
  5. Clears Misconceptions.

About Mindspark:

Mindspark is an internet-based self-learning programme in Mathematics. Each child logs in individually, and learns by answering questions of progressively increasing difficulty. Mindspark works on an ‘Adaptive learning logic’ which is what all future learning systems will carry to personalize the learning. This enables Mindspark to adapt to every child’s level and serve the right, personalized & relevant content. Mindspark continuously helps your child learn, get assessed and get real-time feedback through explanations with visuals and animation. Your child will do Mindspark as part of the school curriculum for 1 period per week in school. The best part of Mindspark is that the child can even do Mindspark from home. Mindspark acts as an ‘Assistant Teacher’- somebody who identifies child-specific as well as common learning difficulties and remedies most of them. Visit for more details. Harvard Business School recognises Mindspark as a tool to improve educational outcomes.

A Holistic Program:

ü Impact on Child: Students learn, understand, think analytically, enjoy and master mathematics at their own pace.

ü Impact on School: It provides teachers with tools to identify learning gaps & misconceptions of students so that it can be addressed immediately instead of waiting till the end of the term. Hence Mindspark helps improve teaching in school significantly.

ü Impact on Parent:

Assistant Teacher: Saves parents their time, energy and money which they would spend on engaging personal tutors as Mindspark works as an assistant teacher.
Self-Learning: Mindspark being a self-learning programme, does not need any adult supervision or involvement.
Engagement: Students love doing Mindspark and hence parents can very easily engage their child in doing Mindspark. They will become self-motivated and will WANT to learn.

Mindspark is a programme developed by IIM-A / IIT Alumni with 16 years of experience in research on improving education and from the analysis of 15 million responses collected through ASSET. Currently more than 92,000 students from leading schools across India are learning actively with Mindspark. The programme has shown clear improvement in the students who have used it regularly.

Thanking you,
Fr. (Dr.) Francis Swamy S.J.