Dear Parents,

As you are aware, we have undertaken a lot of new technology initiatives this year – Learning Management System, RFID cards, Mobile apps, student secure area content on the app, and more. Each year parents used to manually fill up the student details (blue card) and based on feedback, we have asked Intellinects to digitize these records.

We now request you to go to the STUDENT DASHBOARD LOGIN on the school website and use your login credentials (the same as that used on the mobile app) to login. After login, click on PROFILE. You will see your son’s information. Kindly update ALL the mandatory fields (there will be a red asterisk *). You can then click on SAVE to record the information.

Some fields such as caste/sub-caste are now required for the Leaving Certificate. This information can be updated by the parent at any point in time (e.g. when you change your mobile number, profession/job, or residential address). We request that you regularly update the information.

Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a Successful New Year.

Thanking you,
Dr. Fr. Francis A. Swamy. S.J.