On November 21, 2019 the boys of Class 4 -3 conducted the morning class assembly on ‘ Talents’. A short skit was presented to showcase that everyone has talents , which is heavenly gifted in a unique way and that is how the world becomes a unique masterpiece , when each one of us bring our individual talents together.

The power point presentation high lighted the importance of an individual talents ,when expressed creates joy and fulfillment in ourselves and for others. The students also stated that when we exercise our talents , they multiply . Money can run out but talents remain forever.

As it is rightly said – ‘Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God ’

The students also highlighted that when we do not develop our talents, we are showing our ingratitude to God and when we use our talents , we light up the world and dispel darkness.

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