Dear Parents,

The word ‘Cinema’ often correlates with the words glamour, film stars and movie making but most importantly one must remember that cinema is an art form of story-telling. However, story-telling in mainstream Indian Cinema has had little or no space for our young impressionable minds.
So, when our Principal, Rev Fr. Dr. Francis Swamy was presented with an opportunity of our young marians attending a Cinema Workshop conducted by an Award Winning Screen-writer, Director, Producer and Actor Mr. Amole Gupte, the opportunity had to be taken keeping in mind that Mr. Amole Gupte was always focused on understanding children and their world.
The Cinema Workshops began on 23rd July 2016 and were held on several following Saturdays from 9am to 11am. The workshops were an open invitation to all students of St. Mary’s School ICSE from class 3 to class 8 without any fees being charged for the same. The workshops were led by Mr. Amole Gupte himself along with a talented professional team.
The workshop sessions included the following:
• An interaction and conversation between the participants and Mr. Amole Gupte
• On the spot Story-telling moments
• A small act enactment in a particular given situation as an individual role play or as a team skit
• Essential skills of acting
• Techniques and facts about film making
• Movie Screenings (Value based, thought provoking films were screened from a genre of World Cinema. It included movies by Mr. Amole Gupte, Iranian film maker Majid Majidi and Chaplin, Buster Keaton movies from the Silent Era)
A Commercial Movie directed by Mr. Amole Gupte featuring our very own marians who were participants of the Cinema Workshop was a surprise movie making project experience for the kids. The movie was shot in the St. Mary’s ICSE campus itself during the vacations and certain long holiday weekends so that our budding actors wouldn’t miss school. Most of the children featured in the film were from class 4, class 5 and class 6 who had a very good rapport and experience working with Mr. Amole Gupte and his team during the days of the shoot. Prior approval and parental consent was also sought from the students participating in the film shoot.
The Movie titled ‘Sniff’ would be released in May 2017 featuring some of our young and promising marian actors as lead characters.
The Cinema Workshop sessions concluded on February 11, 2017 and it was indeed a blessing to watch some of these young kids blossom in confidence, quickly pick up the techniques used in movie making, getting creative with thoughts and ideas and most importantly just having fun as kids usually do.

Fr. Dr. Francis Swamy S. J.